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Asthma triggers

Know your asthma triggers

Each student with asthma has a list of triggers that can make his or her condition worse - that is, that increase airway inflammation and/or make the airways constrict, which makes breathing difficult.

You can also refer to the link Asthma Triggers.

Avoid asthma triggers

Some asthma triggers - like pets with fur or feathers - can be avoided. Others - like physical exercise - are important for good health and should be controlled rather than avoided. Click > How to control asthma triggers < to know more.

Asthma management plan contents:

Brief history of the student's asthma.

  • Asthma symptoms.
  • Information on how to contact the student's health care provider, parent/guardian.
  • Physician and parent/guardian signature.
  • List of factors that make the student's asthma worse.
  • The student's personal best peak flow reading if the student uses peak flow monitoring.
  • List of the student's asthma medications.
  • A description of the student's treatment plan, based on symptoms or peak flow readings, including recommended actions for school personnel to help handle asthma episodes.

Follow the Asthma Management Plan:

A student's asthma management plan is developed for the student, parent/guardian, and health care provider. Depending on the student's needs, the plan may be a brief information card or a more extensive individualized health plan. A copy of the plan should be on file in the school office or health services office, with additional copies for the student's teachers and coaches. The plan - as well as the student's asthma medications--should be easily available for all on- and off-site activities before, during and after school.

Winners with Exercise-Induced Asthma (EIA)

What do Nancy Hogshead, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Bill Koch, Greg Louganis, Dominique Wilkins, and Jim Ryun all have in common?

Each is a famous athlete who has asthma. They come from diverse fields: swimming, track and field, cross-country skiing, diving, basketball, and long-distance running. Following their asthma management plans helped these athletes become winners.

Go to > Exercise Induced Asthma < to read more.

Actions to consider

  • Get a copy of each student's asthma management plan. Review the plan to identify the role of the teacher and coach in the student's asthma management plan.
  • Teach asthma awareness and peer sensitivity. As students learn more about asthma, they can more easily offer support instead of barriers to their classmates with asthma.

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Asthma Triggers
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Winners With Exercise-Induced Asthma

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