When to call asthma specialist  



When to call Asthma Specialist


A person should contact a pulmonologist, allergy specialist or immunologist if any of the following problems are present:

  • Specialist must be consulted if the asthma symptoms are not controlled even after 3- 6 months of therapy; i.e.   more than one rescue inhaler use per month, oral steroids used more than 2 times per year, step 4 therapy required ( step 2 or higher if patient aged less than 3 years)

  • For immunotherapy.

  • Refractory cough.

  • Abnormal chest radiograph finding.

  • Life –threatening asthma exacerbations.

  • Intensive Asthma patient education.

  • Poor quality of life.

  • Persistent chest pain or atypical features.

  • Persistent shortness of breath.

  • Persistent or fixed wheezing.

  • Spirometry or PEFs don't fit the clinical picture.

  • Suspected occupational asthma.

  • Stridor.

  • Weight loss.

If significant social, psychological, or family problem is present additional referral to the psychologist or family counselor may be needed.



Last edited 21-08-2010